(in alphabetical order)


Algoryx Simulation is a leading provider of software and services for visual and interactive physics based simulation. Algoryx provides products as, AGX Dynamics and Algoryx Momentum for the professional market and Algodoo for the education market. In addition, AGX Dynamics is OEM licensed and integrated into many end user simulation and simulator solutions, which are enabling for virtual training systems, and for simulation driven product and process development.


CodeMill  is an IT-company, providing consultancy services as well as doing research and developing their own products. As consultants, they provide development of new systems, maintenance and support for old systems, and also on-site consultants. They are typically involved in development processes all the way from defining goals and requirements, through development and testing, to integration and evaluation. As partners they are reliable, engaged and competent: most of their employees have an MSc degree (or higher) in Computing Science or Interaction Design. Since starting up in 2007 they have increased their turnover almost double every year and grown to about 45 employees.


Infobaleen is a Umeå University spin-off that builds on more than ten years of research in network science and complex systems. Based on research frontier machine learning, Infobaleen provides a platform that automatically transforms companies’ transactions to predictive analyses and actions that generate value. The platform helps humans understand complex data with innovative visualizations and provides tools to automate tedious workflows in inventory, sales, and marketing.



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