Call for Abstract

We invite academic researchers as well as industrial researchers and practitioners to present their work either by giving a talk or poster/demo track. 1) Contributed talk (15-20 minutes incl. questions/discussion):  submit abstract (400-500 words) in one of the following categories:  original research, new/relevant challenge, or status report of ongoing work.  2) poster/demo track:  submit short abstracts (200-300 words), and mark “submit for poster” or “submit for demo” in abstract.

Abstracts will be screened and selected based on relevance and quality.  A collection of abstracts will be published online. The abstract should include the complete author list for the work in the abstract and can only add the presenting author in below.

Submission:  here to Easychair

Deadline:  31, Oct. 2018  (23:59 Stockholm time)    close

Topics of Interest include, but are not limited to:

SweDS focuses on data science with various applications being in nearly any discipline (e.g., Computer Science, Linguistics, Economics, Education, Medicine, Healthcare, Biology, Sociology, Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Forestry, Art, Design etc. )

  • Social Network Analysis
  • Internet-of-things, Smart City.
  • Image Analysis, and Search
  • Medicine, Drug Discovery, and Healthcare Management
  • Genomics & Bioinformatics
  • Sociology, Well-beings
  • Business and Financial Analytics
  • etc.

Methods and Algorithms

  • Text & Web Mining
  • Classification, Clustering, and Regression
  • Probabilistic & Statistical Methods
  • Graphical Models
  • Spatial & Temporal Mining
  • Data Stream Mining
  • Feature Extraction, Selection and Dimension Reduction
  • Data Cleaning, Transformation & Preprocessing
  • Multi-Task, Multi-label, and Multi-output Learning
  • Big Data, Scalable & High-Performance Computing Techniques
  • Mining Semi-Structured or Unstructured Data
  • Data privacy
  • etc.